People who inspired me to become a travel blogger

Welcome to Odysseys of a Nomad! Before I start telling you my traveler’s tales I would like to introduce myself a bit more and tell you the story about the creation of my blog.

How it all started…

I still remember the night on the coach with my laptop on my knees when I discovered my first travel blog and started to really think about blogging and digital nomadism. It was November 4, 2012 – the date when I also downloaded my first travel ebook. Having the idea of backpacking through South America in my mind for a long time already I finally started to read about it. Eventually, I ended up on Conni’s Planetbackpackmach die Welt zu Deinem Zuhause travel blog. Fascinated by her story of traveling the world since she was 15 and her life as a digital nomad I read many of her posts and got very excited – and very jealous – about this independent way of travel lifestyle. Through Conni’s page I soon also found Off-the-Pathwalking the extra mile where Sebastian gives lots of tips as an experienced world traveler, marketing consultant, and motivational speaker which got me even more excited about long-term traveling and working on the road.

Blog roll

I kept reading and discovering more and more travel blogs. The list of blogs I like to read occasionally is pretty long by now. I just would like to mention a short list of the ones I follow regularly and enjoy reading the most:

Just one way TicketTraveling as a life style

Adventurous Kate The ultimate guide to solo female travel

Pink CompassDer Reiseblog für alleinreisende Frauen

Just travelousTravelous around the world

Nomadic MattTravel better, cheaper, longer

Hectic TravelsNo possessions. No plans. Just travel.

Travelling the World Aus dem Leben eines nimmermüden Wandersmannes

But still it didn’t even come to my mind that I could do the same – writing about my travel experiences and giving tips to other travelers – knowing that my knowledge about creating web pages was very limited if it existed at all back then. Everything changed when I stumbled upon the advertisement for an event called Blog Camp – a weekend meeting organized by Conni and Sebastian with the intention to introduce ‘Newbies’ to the world of bloggers and help them create and start their own blog. I immediately signed up – maybe a bit too fast because I still had no idea what to expect but at least the idea of me becoming a travel blogger myself was born.

Blog Camp in Berlin

With the Blog Camp still months away and my work and short travels keeping me very busy I almost forgot about it. All of a sudden it was beginning of July and I found myself on a motorbike tour with my boyfriend along the Via Baltica from Helsinki to Berlin (here you will be able to read about this adventurous tour soon) when I realized the Blog Camp in Berlin for which I signed up months ago was coming up in 2 weeks. I also realized that the timing was not the best since I would be leaving Berlin back to Würzburg 5 days before the Camp weekend. Excited about our motorbike tour which already took longer than planned I decided to cancel the camp to be back at work in time. Luckily, it was not possible anymore! So I went back home to work and returned to Berlin 3 days later to attend the course – and you would not be sitting here reading these lines if it had been possible to cancel. In this Blog Camp I learned what blogging really was about and that it actually was realistic though challenging for me to start my own blog.

People who inspired me to become a travel blogger - Blog Camp Berlin

Blog Camp Berlin

After I returned from the camp I was very enthusiastic about blogging and wanted to start right away but without any knowledge of wordpress, coding, and programming I was soon stretched to my limits and more than once I was close to just giving up on this blogging dream.

Tribute to Anne

Almost one year after the camp and in a last attempt to finally set up my blog I met Anne in a blogger online forum. As a professional graphic designer and travel blogger newbie as well she offered to help me to finalize my blog. On Goingvagabond worry less, travel more Anne is blogging about her travels and tries to inspire people to not take themselves too seriously but just let go and travel the world.

Odysseys of a Nomad – a traveler’s tales

After many lucky coincidences and many frustrating hours in front of the computer my blog went online on the first of September 2014. Finally, I can call myself travel blogger as well and share my experiences and adventures on the road with the world! I hope you enjoy reading my stories and I can inspire many people to travel the world and stick to their dreams – even though it might seem hard and unrealistic to achieve them sometimes. It’s totally worth the effort!

Read on and keep traveling,


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