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I’m Carina – German by law, Finnish by choice, Nomadic by heart – nice to meet you!

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… and this is my story:

For a degree in biology and a PhD in medical science I spent most of the last 10 years in a laboratory. In 2013, being in the middle of my turning-30-life-crisis and questioning everything, I decided a major change is needed – at least for a while, maybe forever.

I needed to break out of the routine, of the pressure of being a scientist, of all-day life.

I kept asking myself what I really want, what is it that makes me happy. The answer was simple: I wanted to travel. Long-term.

After a lifetime of dreaming of traveling the world, learning about other cultures, and living abroad I realized it was about time to make it happen!

I quit my job, took all my savings, and bought a one-way ticket

So I did what many people only dream of: I quit my job, took all my savings, and booked a ticket to Asia. Luckily, I found someone being as restless and adventurous as I am and he decided to join me.

‘It’s something rebellious about picking up and leaving buying a one way ticket and not knowing when you want to return.’ ― Turcois Ominek

In November 2013, we broke free of what is widely considered as a normal and acceptable life style and with two one-way tickets we ended up in Chiang Mai, Thailand where the adventure began…

Bangkok Sunrise

Trying to get a good shot of the sunrise over Bangkok

Our intention of long-term traveling is not to rush with our backpacks from hostel to hostel and see as many different places as possible while living on the lowest budget imaginable. We rather prefer to spend more time at one place trying to get to know the habits, cultures, and customs of the local people and being part of the daily life.

After returning from Thailand I immediately jumped into the next adventures by deciding to move to Finland to work and live there for a while. Why Finland? Well, my partner in crime happens to call this country his home.

So here I am, in Tampere, Finland, walking down the memory line of previous travels and forging our future journeys while taking care of a 2-months-old.

Come with me and be part of our story!

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Sunset in Ao Nang

Can you tell already that I’m loving sunsets? For example this one in Ao Nang…

What is this blog about?

First and foremost, I created this blog simply to document my travels and to share my experiences. However, things always turn out differently and never as you think, so my life changed completely during the last 1.5 years: from being an independent, travel-addicted full-time scientist based in Germany I am now a newly mother on maternity leave living as an expat in Finland.

My blog focuses – at the moment – on experiencing Finland from a foreigner’s point of view, sharing my impressions of the land of the 1000 lakes. However, there are also still many untold previous travel stories – especially from a 6 months trip to Thailand – which I would like to share with you every now and then mixed with future travel tales.

Just because we recently became parents doesn’t mean we will stop travelling now! Being on the road with a little toddler for sure will be a great but very different experience compared to our previous trips. We are looking forward to showing the world to our son!

About me - Carina

Enjoying the Finnish winter

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I’m not a trained writer nor do I have any blogging experience and as a non-native speaker blogging in English turned out to be much more difficult than expected. I apologize for any typos and grammatical mistakes. Feel free to correct me – or just ignore them!

I hope you like what you find on this blog. Comments, corrections and suggestions are warmly welcome any time, just drop me a line using the contact form below.

Enjoy reading and happy travelling!

From Finland with love,



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